Magnification Explained

Magnification is the process of enlarging the apparent size, not physical size, of something. This enlargement is quantified by a calculated number also called “magnification”.

You may notice that you start to have trouble reading generally, finding the text too small to easily decipher, which sometimes induces eye strain. A starting point for many people with vision loss is a magnifying glass, with built-in illumination.

The distance from the magnifier to the object viewed is the working distance. This distance is an important consideration regarding the type of work that is to be done under the magnifier.

For example, if your work requires the use of tools, a magnifier with a long working distance will allow enough space to both use the tools and comfortably view the object. Small working distance magnifiers with higher powers are preferred for close-up inspection work.

handheld magnifier



Handheld magnifiers are held above a page or the object being magnified. Stand magnifiers rest on the page.

For many tasks such as doing craft, sewing, hobby work or using appliances and watching TV, it is essential to have your hands free.


An electronic magnifier is equipment that can be helpful for reading, writing, and doing a variety of everyday living tasks. It consists of a camera that is mounted on a frame or arm that displays a magnified image on a monitor.

Clover 3.5 magnifier being used to read product information

Portable magnifiers, such as the Clover 3.5”, fit in your pocket, can be taken anywhere and are easy to use with minimal buttons.

Larger screen magnifiers have the advantage of fitting whole phrases in the field of view, where a smaller screen can only fit one or two words. This can impact on reading.

For example, for reading a novel, the ideal screen size should fit the width of a novel, however the magnification may be too small for the user, and they will require a sliding platform to move the text left and right into the field of view of the screen.

For something with a bigger display, the Clover Book Lite is a versatile 12.5” portable device. The integrated foldable arm and lifting handle make it very compact and easy to transport and carry anywhere. After a quick setup, it immediately transforms into a desktop device with a large display screen and sufficient reading and writing space.