Low Vision Webinars – Quantum RLV and Macular Disease Foundation

Rob holding magnifier with other low vision products on his desk

November and December were busy months for Quantum’s Business Manager Rob Drummond as he conducted two webinars on low vision, discussing with his audience how aids and technologies can help you live with low vision.

Rob has gained a wealth of experience within the low vision field having traveled around Australia and overseas to numerous trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.

Rob is also a Guest Lecturer at The University of Sydney for Occupational Therapy and The University of NSW in the School of Optometry.

He spends most of his time helping vision impaired people make the correct choice of assistive technology to help them remain or regain their independence.

In late November the Macular Disease Foundation of Australia partnered with Quantum to present a webinar which covered topics such as an overview of eye diseases that can affect vision, how a low vision organisation can help you and what low vision aids are available.

Following this joint webinar Quantum RLV hosted a webinar called “I Didn’t Know That Existed” - Solutions for Low Vision. The Quantum team around Australia talked about tricks and tips which have helped their customers, like ensuring lighting is optimum for the tasks you wish to perform, and how a magnifying glass with built in illumination is often the starting point for anyone with vision loss.

Rob urges people, “Know what is available in case what you have currently isn’t enough. If you’re struggling with a task we’re here to help.” Phone to speak with a consultant on 1300 883 853.