Lighting up with Spring

Good lighting is the first thing to consider if you have low vision. We now have an expanded and modernised range of quality lamps, some of which have in-built magnifiers.  These are useful for checking the TV Guide from your armchair, doing hobby work like puzzles and crosswords, and for people with minor vision loss, they’re even helpful for reading books. Check out the range at our Sight Support Centres.

Daylight Halo Go Portable Lamp

sewing using the magnifying lampThis truly portable lamp with magnifier comes with a USB rechargeable battery. The brightness remains consistent for the full 8 hours. The LEDs circle the magnification lens for a uniform lighting over your project. It offers 5 dioptres (2.25X) magnification with a 12 dioptres (4.0X) inset lens for working on the finest details. Folds flat.

Daylight 2 Twist Lamp

Girl reading at a desk with the twist lamp

The Twist 2 is a high quality lamp that’s compact and simple to operate. This light is easy to grip, transport using the carry handle, and plug in where needed. Solid and stable, place the Twist 2 anywhere without worrying about stability.

Daylight Foldi Go

sewing machine with a lamp to the side

The Foldi Go fits easily into your bag or kit and is properly protected with the supplied carry case. Sturdy, versatile and compact, this lamp is ideal for a range of tasks such as reading, carrying out treatments, crafting, painting, sewing or getting that picture perfect shot.