Learning Disability

Do You Know Someone Who Is Struggling to Read and Write?

Many teachers and parents will know children who are also struggling with literacy skills every day. There can be a wide range of supports available to these students once their problems get noticed, however many slip under the radar and they are struggling to keep up. Within an average school day there are also many times when students have to independently read and write, access information and compete with their peers, and they are failing.


We need to look at how we add technology tools to the range of remediation and instructional supports they may already be receiving.  This is increasingly important in an era when mainstream technologies such as smartphones incorporate features that support students who can’t read, such as text to speech.  If students are able to access these functions outside the school environment there is an increasing urgency for them to be able to access them within the school environment.


Here are some stories from around the world and here in Australia about how technology is helping people read and write;
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