Kevin loves to read the racing guide

Kevin sitting at his desk, using his Clover Book Lite to read the racing guide


Kevin Frahm of Murrumba Downs is a very sharp 92-year old with an interesting history.

In addition to a couple of sore knees he has macular degeneration resulting in central vision loss. He recently purchased a Clover Book Lite electronic magnifier through his home care package to enable him to read the local paper again.

Kevin loves to read the sports pages and in particular the Rugby league news. His team this year is local club The Dolphins and like a lot of people in and around Redcliffe is very excited about this great old club joining the NRL. With his Clover Book Lite he can now read the schedules, kick off times and the match previews.

Framed newspaper image of Kevin riding a bull. Headline reads: Rough horse, rough rider.

Kevin also loves to read the racing guide and articles about the horses, jockeys, and trainers etc. He has a long history with horses and racing, as his brother was a horse trainer for many years which gave him an inside view of the industry. Kevin was also a part-time rough rider of horses and bullocks in the 1960’s around the local rodeos. He did this as a semi-professional to supplement his income. He once rode before the Queen Mother at the Brisbane exhibition grounds.

In one rodeo he recalled, as he prepares to mount a rough bull in front a large crowd, the bull's owner called out,'I hope your insurance is up to date’ to which Kevin responded, ‘don’t worry about me, you should worry about your bull’.

Kevin has his Clover Book Lite magnifier set up on a small desk which his wife Viv bought from the local Ikea and put together herself. He also uses the magnifier on his lap sitting in his lounge chair.

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