I Want to Live Better with Low Vision

Marion’s Story - Case Study

Photo of Marion using OrCam to read the village newsletter.

Marion Callaby 77, from St George’s Basin on the NSW South Coast has lived with macular degeneration for fourteen years. Marion’s father was legally blind in his 70s explaining Marion’s family history link to the disease.

Very little deters Marion however, who lives in a retirement village with her husband John, who also has macular degeneration. As Marion says “We still go out with friends to restaurants and I take my OrCam MyEye which is really good for reading the menu. OrCam also give me the independence to read my own correspondence, like bills and the weekly village newsletter. I also play carpet bowls and I won the ladies’ comp at Ten Pin Bowling.”

Over the years Marion has used a range of Quantum low vision products, assistive technology and solutions to assist her throughout her low vision journey.