How Optometrists Can Help

People standing in an optometrist shop surrounded by displays of glasses.

When we go to the optometrist for a check-up, sometimes we get unexpected news about our eyesight. Modern equipment can detect eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma at an early stage, so regular check-ups and early intervention can save precious sight for many people. Optometrists play a critical role in early detection and onward referral to specialists, but for many retinal eye diseases, spectacles will be of diminishing use over time. In this case, a referral to an equipment specialist like Quantum is of great benefit to the patient, even if they have also been referred to an ophthalmologist.

A great example of how this referral process works is the collaboration between Quantum and Lees & Henschell Optometrists in Kenmore, Brisbane.  Many optometrists study at the QUT School of Optometry, where Peter Cracknell from Quantum gives guest lectures, and where we have assisted at QUT vision clinics for many years. One of these optometry students was Beata Sander.

Now with Lees & Henschell at their thriving five optometry practice, Beata (pictured first on left in photo above) remembered working with Quantum at QUT and suggested that we bring some reading aids for her patients to try on a regular basis. Many patients have been with L&H for decades, and they feel more comfortable in that environment than going to a Low Vision Clinic or a Quantum Sight Support Centre.

The main benefit for Lee & Henschell is that they can introduce their patients to new reading options and give them hope, even when they have to tell them that “spectacles are no longer enough”.