Hazel Embraces Technology

Hazel using her new desktop magnifier

Hazel from Caringbah NSW will celebrate her 106th birthday next month. Her love of reading had been compromised by her macular degeneration, making it a struggle to read at all.

Hazel was referred to Quantum RLV’s Low Vision Consultant Jeff Landers by Hazel’s case manager at Australian Unity (AU), who manage her Home Care package.

Jeff has a relationship with Australian Unity, as he has worked with them assisting other customers with low vision.

Hazel using magnifier

Jeff visited Hazel in the company of her daughter Sue, to undertake a Low Vision Aid Assessment, which identified that Hazel would benefit from a desktop magnifier. As Hazel sits in her easy chair most of the day, Jeff arranged for AU to supply an over chair table, which is on wheels, and fitted the CVC to the table.

Hazel can easily push the table away to get out of her chair and roll it back when she uses her magnifier. The device was purchased using funds in Hazel’s home care package.

Many customers fear they will not be able to use low vision devices, however Hazel is a good example of what is possible with some 'one on one' training.
Hazel was easily able to operate a ClearView desktop. As these photos show, Hazel uses her new CVC to read a TV guide, read the heating instructions on meals and instructions on her vitamin bottle.

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