Have You Talked to Your Low Vision Consultant Lately?

Quantum low vision consultants with Quantum products on the table

Our Low Vision Consultants offer more than just product sales. They have very extensive experience helping people with vision loss and can often be a source of really helpful information.


Here are some reasons why it may help to catch up with your Low Vision Consultant.

– Quite often we come across people that already have a Vision Aid but are not using it to its full capacity.

– Sometimes people feel that their vision aid isn’t performing as well as it used to, and they need to understand why.

– People’s vision will change over time and especially so when they have a disease such as Macular Degeneration. Often that will entail using their Vision Aid in a different way.

– And sometimes people just need to understand what may come next if their vision deteriorates. Understanding what options are available can greatly reduce people’s anxiety and worries about further vision loss in the future.