Have You Heard the News?

OrCam MyEye has been generating a staggering amount of news. Such is the interest and excitement about OrCam that it has been featured on prime-time news and current affairs for the last year and continues to feature in newspapers and on radio around the country.


OrCam in the News- Channel 7


There is a very simple reason for this level of interest. It works!! OrCam offers a new way to access the written word, anywhere and at any time, independent of your age, eye condition or reading capability.


OrCam MyEye has been making a huge difference to the lives of people that have purchased one. People like Susie Barrington, who purchased hers with funding from the NDIS.


“The OrCam is incredible. It has made such a huge impact on my life” says Susie.


Unfortunately, the NDIS has been a mixed blessing with a number of people being refused funding. If you need help with your NDIS application please contact us; we can work with you and your planner to make sure your application meets the NDIS requirements. We know that the OrCam is positively ensuring daily living goals are met.


Also in this issue we provide some reasons why OrCam provides such a unique opportunity for accessing information.


We bring news of some exciting new features for OrCam that will be made available to all OrCam MyEye V2 users.


What is Your News?

People tell us that the articles they enjoy most in this newsletter involve people stories. For someone new to low vision or sight loss, it can be very encouraging to hear of others living successfully with Low Vision.

So please send us your stories, or just phone us and let one of our team members know that you would like to share your own story. It’s the very best news.