"Goldilocks" Mid Size Magnifiers

If you’re looking for a “goldilocks” screen size, you’ll need 10 inches or more.

For many people, the smaller electronic magnifiers just don't have the magnification or field of view to allow for enjoyable reading, or hand-writing activities like crosswords. If you need a transportable device with a screen that’s neither too big nor too small — why not try out our range of mid-size electronic magnifiers?  You can use them in any room — for example the kitchen bench, the study, the patio — and being bigger, they have long-life rechargeable batteries that give hours of reading pleasure.

Clover 10 NE

Clover 10 being used to read a newspaper

The recently upgraded Clover 10 New Evolution (NE) is the lightest model weighing just 660 grams.  It can also rest at a comfortable viewing angle, or be suspended above books in a special frame.

Traveller 13 HD

Reading a magazine with the Traveller magnifier

The Traveller HD has a large 13 inch screen and weighs in at just under 2 kg. It slides on a roller, and has a left-right sliding track that allows you to read wide documents without having to physically move the device. A special frame is also available to raise it above books. 

Clover Book Lite 

Doing a crossword using Clover Book Lite

Uniquely convenient, the 12.5 inch Clover Book Lite weighs in at 2.4 kg but is still easy to move from room to room, or fold away and pack into a slim padded case.
The Clover Book Lite is uniquely suited for books, magazines, crosswords and even drawing. It is packed with features normally found on the biggest desktop models.