Glen Siddons stays connected and beats boredom

Glen using his ClearView Speech to read a book

Helensburgh resident Glen Siddons has purchased several Quantum products over the years, from low vision consultant Jeff Landers including OrCam MyEye. However, one device which has stopped him from going stir crazy in this current lockdown is Optelec ClearView C video magnifier.

Used to being active, but currently like many, confined to home apart from brief walks, Glen is able to read effortlessly without being restricted in movement.

In Glen’s words “ClearView speech has helped me a lot over the last few years. Being vision impaired it has helped me with relieving boredom. I hadn’t read a book since I was 26 so when I finished the whole book I felt so proud of myself.” The book was on Victor Trumper, an Australian cricketer.

Blind cricket player, Glen Siddons, batting in his youth

Glen is a former member of the NSW Blind cricket team and enjoys reading from his extensive library of cricketing history, as well as keeping up to date with current journals on a wide range of interests.

Glen is affected by reading fatigue, so the ClearView C speech capability instantly converts any printed text into speech. Glen explains: “I probably use the speech more, although I read as many pages as I can but when I get too tired I just convert to speech."