Finding Joan's Solution - Together

Joan sitting in her armchair using a Compact 10 on her lap to read a magazineJoan was referred to Quantum’s Low Vision Specialist Jeff Landers by her Occupational Therapist, who was prompted by her difficulty reading regular documents and magazines.

Joan prefers to read sitting in her lounge chair, using a lap table her late husband made her, rather than sitting at the table.

With this in mind, Jeff spent time with Joan to understand what device would best deliver the outcomes she was looking for.

He recommended a trial of the Compact 10, which is an easy device to use. As she was already placing her reading material on the lap table, all Joan had to do was adjust the size to her preferred level and slide the Compact 10 around the magazine.

This was a good outcome,demonstrating collaboration between the client, Occupational Therapist and Quantum.


Did you know the Compact 10 has 3 cameras?

A reading camera for reading documents at a table or desk, an overview
camera for seeing objects and text from a small distance and a swing-out
full-page camera for viewing photos, objects and writing.

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