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Freedom Scientific Unveils Revolutionary PictureSmart AI for JAWS - Transforming Accessibility with AI-Powered Image Descriptions

Picture Smart AI is a revolutionary update to the traditional Picture Smart feature. By integrating with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology from services like Chat GPT from Open AI and Gemini from Google, you will now experience a whole new level of accessibility to graphical information. While you access Picture Smart as you have in the past, you will be amazed by the depth and richness of the visual descriptions Picture Smart AI now offers.

Picture Smart AI is currently available as an Early Adopter Program feature. We encourage you to try it and provide feedback using the “Send Feedback” form that is available in the Early Adopter Program dialog box.

To enable Picture Smart AI: Press ALT+O in the JAWS program window to access the JAWS Options menu. Press E to select Early Adopter Program. Press the TAB key to navigate to Picture Smart with Generative AI, and press SPACEBAR to select the checkbox to enable this feature. Note: If you clear the check box, you return to the traditional Picture Smart functionality. Press the TAB key to navigate to OK and press ENTER, then restart the software to begin using Picture Smart AI. We are excited that JAWS is the first screen reader to provide on-demand image descriptions to all users. Visit the What’s New page for JAWS and our new JAWS Features page for details and sample photos that demonstrate the expanded functionality. Learn more about Picture Smart AI.


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