Evelyn turned 100 years young in January

Evelyn sitting at the dining room table, reading with her ClearView

Evelyn from Cronulla who turned 100 earlier this year lives in the family home, managing well except for declining eyesight. She finds reading a little tough due to her age-related macular degeneration AMD, and almost impossible without a low vision aid.

Evelyn was referred to Jeff Landers, Quantum RLV’s Low Vision Specialist by her Occupational Therapist and Ophthalmologist.

Jeff Landers set up an appointment and visited Evelyn at home to trial a range of low vision options. Evelyn decided that a Magnilink Zip, a 17” screen size desk top magnifier was her preferred aid, as the device was simple for her to use, having only a few buttons, one to turn on off, one to adjust size and one to improve contrast.

The collaboration between Evelyn’s OT, Ophthalmologist and Quantum resulted in a good outcome for Evelyn, who can now read letters, books, magazines puzzles and crosswords.