Customer, Bob Burgoyne accesses his Home Care Package 


Bob Burgoyne is a retired resident of Hervey Bay Qld who has Glaucoma which is an eye condition that affects his vision. Bob has undergone minor surgery to treat this condition but still needs regular visits to his ophthalmologist for check-ups and treatment. He also uses prescription eye drops and regularly monitors his eye pressure at his local optometrist OPSM. As a result of this condition Bob now has Low Vision and has difficulty reading and recognizing people’s faces.

Bob needs a range of items to help him with different, specific tasks such as reading his mail and bills, using his computer, shopping, and seeing signs and people’s faces. He goes out regularly, so he needed some items that are lightweight, portable and easy to use.

Bob successfully applied for a Home Care Package (HCP) through My Aged Care (MAC), which provides him with funds to buy the items he needs to help manage his daily life. He says many older Australians struggle along with various ailments and disabilities and are unaware that they may be eligible for a HCP. 

To get a Home Care Package through My Aged Care, Bob had to contact MAC directly and request an assessment. He had to provide some information about his personal circumstances, health conditions and care needs. He then had a face-to-face assessment with an assessor who determined his eligibility and level of care.

Bob was assigned a package that matched his needs and budget. He was able to choose a provider that offered the services and products he wanted.

Bob was able to buy the items he needed with these funds, and then over several years acquired a range of solutions to suit his needs. He says a range of different items is necessary for doing different tasks. 


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