Clover Book Lite helps Queensland man with Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

CloverBook Lite helps Queensland man with Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Willem Goedegebuure from Cleveland Queensland was finding it almost impossible to read using his optical magnifier, due to his AMD. The inability to read documents, receipts and instruction sheets was the most difficult aspect of managing his daily  tasks and as importantly,  maintaining his independence

Until Mike Palmer, Quantum’s Low Vision Consultant Gold Coast and Northern NSW visited Willem in his home, the latter did not realise a range of Quantum RLV options was available to help him, now that his glasses alone are not enough.

Mike recently delivered Willhem a Clover Book Lite electronic magnifier and magnifying lamp via Willem’s DVA funding, set it up and assisted Willem with some training on how best to achieve his reading tasks . The simplicity of turning up a dial to enlarge documents was something Willme really enjoyed. The additional contrast provided by the device added clarity to what he viewed. His new lamp with built in magnifier is now set up next to his favourite chair to help manage his activities at night. As a bonus Mike took the opportunity to adjust settings on Willem’s mobile phone and computer to make that process easier to navigate.

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