Clover Book Pro - a Gift of Independence for Jean

Jean using her clover to read

Mrs Jean Gould from Robertson Queensland has aged related macular degeneration. Her condition made reading with her hand-held optical glass magnifier very tiring, and she realised her eyes were not up to reading for any length of time. She needed to find a better solution if she was to continue being able to read at all, and was unsure if there was anything to help her.

Mike Palmer, Quantum RLV’s Low Vision Consultant met with Jean at the Low Vision Clinic at QLD University of Technology, where she road tested devices including the Clover Book Pro and ClearView Speech amongst others, so she could decide her best option.

Jean was excited when she received the new Clover Book Pro magnifier device that could also read text to her when she was feeling tired or her eyes were not up to reading for any period of time.

She quickly learnt how simple it was to use and was soon using the advanced features to have the Clover Book Pro read to her.

She loved that she did not have to wait until the next visit from her daughter to read her mail. “It has given my independence back” she said.

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