ClearView WideView Speech Electronic Magnifier: Empowering a Bookkeeper who has Macular Degeneration

Jackie standing in front of a blank wall wearing a blue demin shirt. The shirt has the Toys Muffler and Mechanical logo in red.

Nick Powell is delighted to share a story about one of his valued clients Jackie Toy in Queensland and how Quantum RLV’s assistive technology is playing a vital role in her life.

In their busy fifty year old family automotive business Toy’s Mufflers in Redcliffe Brisbane, Queensland, one employee stands out—a testament to her resilience and adaptability. 78-year-old Jackie Toy, despite the challenges of macular degeneration, continues to excel in her bookkeeping role. How? The answer lies in a remarkable device—the Clearview Wideview speech magnifier. 

Macular degeneration affects central vision, making it difficult to read fine print and details. For a bookkeeper like Jackie, whose responsibilities include reading and reviewing invoicing, banking, and financial statements, this condition posed a significant obstacle. Her ability to scrutinize numbers and ensure accuracy hung in the balance. Nick offered a range of options for Jackie to test.

Her choice was the Clearview Wideview Speech, a magnifier which combines visual and auditory assistance. Its screen displays enlarged text, while the built-in speech function vocalizes the content. Jackie can adjust the magnification level to suit her needs.

With the magnifier, Jackie reads invoices, supplier details, and transaction records effortlessly. The speech feature ensures she doesn't miss critical information. Writing short notes, checking invoices and responding to correspondence remain part of her daily routine.

Jackie’s secret weapon lies in the table mode. When dealing with spreadsheets and bank statements the magnifier reads numbers aloud, digit by digit. This meticulous approach ensures accuracy, even when dealing with complex financial data.

The Clearview Wideview magnifier empowers Jackie to work independently. She no longer relies solely on colleagues or strained eyesight. Her confidence has soared, and she contributes effectively to the business.

As the sole custodian of invoicing and banking, Jackie’s accuracy is paramount. The magnifier ensures that no detail escapes her scrutiny. Discrepancies are accurately addressed, maintaining the business's financial integrity.

Without this assistive technology, Jackie’s career might have been cut short. Instead, she thrives, proving that determination and innovation can overcome physical limitations.

Jackie’s journey—a fusion of determination, technology, and resilience—serves as an inspiration. The Clearview Wideview speech magnifier isn't just a tool; it's a lifeline. In the heart of this automotive hub, amidst engines and oil, Jackie’s story is a testament to the human spirit's unwavering pursuit of productivity and independence.