Bernie’s Success Story

Bernie is a grandfather in his 50’s who lives in NSW, and who was a local publican for 30 years.

Bernie’s LHON started about 5 years ago, resulting in his loss of sight almost overnight, which can be typical of the onset of the condition. It wasn’t until Jeff Landers, a Low Vision Consultant at Quantum RLV, met with Bernie that options to address Bernie’s vision loss were fully explored. The aim was to find options to allow Bernie to resume some of the activity he loved and restore a degree of independence. After lengthy consultations and evaluation Jeff recommended both a Clover 10 with stand and a Clover 6.

Bernie using the Clover 10 to look at photos with his grand daughter

Clover 10 has a large 10-inch wide HD display which is portable, lightweight and comes with a versatile stand to deliver a big, sharp view for low vision users. Bernie had a life changing moment when he used his Clover 10 and stand to view photos on his phone of his young grandchildren. Jeff could relate to Bernie’s delight and emotion as he has grandchildren of a similar age.

A second life changing moment occurred as Bernie was using his Clover 6 to watch the Cox Plate.

Bernie watching the Cox Plate with his Clover 6

Even though Clover 6 is not designed for viewing TV, it does have the specific camera for viewing distance and is ideal for viewing things out of your reach like menu boards or signs. Bernie used this feature to watch the running of the horse race at his local pub one Saturday afternoon.