A Good Outcome for Ivo

Ivo using his ClearView Desktop Magnifier to read a book

Ivo, like many Quantum customers, has low vision. He had been using an old, discontinued model of the ClearView desktop magnifier at his local library and wanted to purchase one.

Ivo was referred by Guide Dogs to Jeff Landers at Quantum to find a solution, possibly importing the old model or making one from old spare parts, as Ivo really had his heart set on that model.

Jeff worked with Ivo to find the best solution, discovering that whilst possible to recreate the ClearView model, Ivo would not have warranty protection. Ivo describes his Quantum experience in his own words.

“I’m very appreciative of Jeff at Quantum who helped me obtain the perfect ClearView 24 desktop magnifier. He had wonderful patience and understanding and provided thorough service. Now I am able to study, write, devour books and memorise sheet music at home with an even better device than I’d grown accustomed to.”