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Our products help to "level the playing field" for the 62,500 legally blind people in Australia today and are used in all stages of education and on into the workforce and for recreational needs. Our solutions include: screen reading technology, Braille writers and embossers for producing Braille documents, and accessible PDA devices for taking notes and creating documents.

  • Blindness Software Solutions
    Screen reading programs and software tools.
  • Scanners and OCR
    Convert printed material to speech in seconds.
  • Braille Notetakers and Displays
    New devices with a host of features for more flexibility.
  • Braille Embossers and Writers
    Create paper braille on continuous feed paper or loose sheets.
  • Tactile Graphics
    Create tactile diagrams, charts, maps and other graphics.
  • Portable Devices
    Instant Portable Access to Printed Material