Upgrade and Save

We have devised attractive upgrade offers on a range of our popular products.
Man using a ClearView to complete a crossword. Text - $800 trade in


Upgrade to the latest model of ClearView WideView with these features:

• Exceptional picture quality with HD camera and screen

• Read your newspaper without folding it in half

• Do crosswords and puzzles

• Magnify your mobile phone or tablet

• Minimal controls – ease of use

No matter which desktop electronic magnifier you have, it does not have to be from Quantum, you can upgrade to a brand new ClearView WideView. We are offering a $800 trade-in on your existing desktop electronic magnifier and it doesn’t have to be in working condition, and, we will extend the warranty to 3 years (normally 2 years), when you upgrade to a ClearView WideView.

Where possible, we will deliver and instruct you on the ClearView and remove your old device for you too.

Image of the Clover 6 on a table. Text says $250 trade in


If you’ve been using a smaller handheld electronic magnifier over the years, anything with a 5 inch screen or smaller, and would like to upgrade to your own brand-new Clover 6, trade it in!

The Clover 6 has:

• Superior image clarity

• A separate reading camera and reading stand

• A separate, dedicated distance camera for reading menu boards in cafés, train timetables, items on supermarket shelves etc

• Touch screens or button controls

We’ll give you a $250 trade-in any of these devices on your new Clover 6 handheld electronic magnifier.

Which models will we accept as a trade-in? Any brand of handheld electronic magnifier with screen size up to 5 inch, whether they’re working in not!

Man using Compact 10 to read newspaper. Text says 15% discount



If you’re struggling to read with your optical magnifying glass and would like to see clearly with a new electronic magnifier, upgrade to a new Compact 6, Compact 10, Clover 3, Clover 5, Clover 7, or Clover 10 and receive a 15% discount on your new purchase.

What you’ll appreciate using your new electronic magnifier is:

• Clear, sharp image on the screen

• More words visible

• No image distortion

• Variable levels of magnification

• Improved working distance

Please contact your low vision consultant to take advantage of these offers – 1300 883 853

While stocks last, or until 17 December 2021