Grant Programs

Grant Programs

For over 25 years Quantum has designed, developed and distributed innovative products that are aimed at empowering children, students and adults who have a print disability (blindness, low vision, and learning disabilities). We have seen the power of assistive technology and its ability to transform lives and provide opportunities for learning and living life to the fullest.

The Scholarship program is our way of saying thanks to the thousands of people around Australia and New Zealand who have, and continue, to support us. One of the greatest rewards for our staff is the feedback and interaction with people who use our products and the Scholarship Program is the pinnacle of that. It is truly inspirational to hear about the success, courage and struggles of these talented young people.

The growth in demand for the Scholarship program highlights the unmet need for assistive technology in Australia and New Zealand and reminds us of just how much is left to do.

Over the years, our programs have included:

  • The Quantum Technology/Freedom Scientific Low Vision Scholarship, open to all Australians assessed as having Low Vision;
  • The Quantum Technology/Freedom Scientific WYNN Scholarship, open to all Australians who have a learning disability such as dyslexia within education or employment;
  • The Quantum Technology/Freedom Scientific JAWS Scholarship, open to all vision impaired Australians within education or employment;
  • The Gillian Gale Award for Braille Literacy, open to all early learners who will use Braille as their primary learning media, and;
  • Last years' inaugural Print Disability Scholarship Program and Seniors Grant.