With recent changes to the distribution of TextHelp products in Australia, we are very pleased to once again be able to offer the Read&Write literacy support products. By extending our range of products that assist the struggling learner, we are continuing a policy of offering the widest possible choice of solutions to ensure that every student receives the tools that work best for them.


We describe two of the options for Read&Write below, and we are happy to discuss these in more detail on an individual basis. We are also able to assist existing Read&Write clients with information about up-grades and maintenance agreements.


Read&Write Software for the PC and Mac

Award-winning Read&Write literacy support software gives extra confidence to students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. It’s also a big confidence booster for English Language Learners, and anyone who needs a little extra help with their reading and writing.


Read&Write makes the web, documents and files more accessible. It’s a friendly, intuitive toolbar that assists students at all levels with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work. Great for use in school, higher education and in the workplace.


The best selling desktop version of Read&Write for Windows and Mac (now also compatible with Windows 10 and Office 365, and OS X 10.11El Capitan for Mac) gives support to students with their reading, writing and researching while in the classroom and at home.



– Hear web pages and documents read aloud to improve reading comprehension, with a choice of natural voices

– Understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries

– Develop writing skills with word prediction

– Support independent student research with valuable study skills tools

– Improves confidence for struggling readers



– Helps students with dyslexia and other literacy challenges

– Assists English Language Learners and individuals with English as a Second Language

– Promotes independent learning and supports students in and outside the classroom


Click here to download a free 30-day trial of Read&Write for Windows.



Read&Write for Google Chrome™


Read&Write for Google Chrome™, the newest addition to the Read&Write family, is an easy-to-use browser extension for Google Chrome. It offers literacy support within Google Docs and on web pages as well as working with PDF, EPUB and KES files stored in Google Drive.


There are literally millions of students in schools and in higher education around the world who rely on Texthelp’s Read&Write technologies to help with reading, writing assignments and online research.


A very exciting new feature is called Screenshot.


Screenshot Reader allows you to read inaccessible web content, such as text that is embedded in images, websites using flash, and other inaccessible formats, such as PDFs,Google Slides, and online books.


Capture text button


Simply draw a box around text that would normally be inaccessible, and enjoy Read&Write’s speech with coloured highlighting.


There are very few products in the assistive technology world that have been as successful as Read&Write for Google Chrome. It is rapidly becoming a standard set of tools for learning in our digital world.


The proven benefits include;

– Boost reading, writing and study skills confidence for students with learning difficulties, dyslexia or those for whom English is a second language.

– Hear words, passages, or whole documents read aloud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting

– See the meaning of words explained with text and picture dictionaries

– Hear text translated into other languages

– Get suggestions for the current or next word as you type

– Turn words into text as you speak

– Highlight text in documents or the web and collect for use in other documents

– Create and listen to voice notes directly inside of Google Docs

– Simplify and summarize text on web pages


Special Trial Offer


Install Read&Write for Google Chrome™ to access ALL of these features FREE for 30 days! Download a FREE 30-day trial at the Chrome Web store.


After 30 days, you can still access the Read Aloud and Translator features in Google Docs and web pages. Premium features for Google Docs, web pages, PDF, EPUB, and KES files are available by purchasing a subscription for single users, groups of users, or domains.


Teachers can access a FREE premium subscription to Read&Write for Google Chrome. So if you’re a teacher, register now to claim your FREE 1-year subscription.


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