Building on their strong tradition of innovation, Optelec have proudly introduced the world’s first handheld electronic magnifier that can also be easily converted for hands free operation.


The Compact 6 HD is more than just another electronic magnifier. It has amazing screen clarity, and being only 14 mm thin, it is a pocket-sized, touch screen magnifier that you can use wherever you are.



With the Compact 6 HD, you can read magnified text in high contrast colours and view objects from a small distance. Thanks to its large 6-inch screen, you can fit more text on the screen and it is ready to use in seconds.


The Compact 6 HD comes in 2 varieties; one is for magnifying only, and a second has speech output, enabling any text to be scanned and read out to you. Both models have two cameras, customizable touch screen buttons and a reading stand to read more comfortably at a desk or table.



And now comes the really exciting part. Optelec have just introduced the Wear accessory, which lets you clip the Compact 6HD into a head set, turning it into a wearable device, suitable for all those tasks where you need to use your hands and have magnification at the same time.



Daily activities such as writing, cooking, craft work, drawing and many others are now easily achieved with the one device. The hands-free operation also allows for ultimate relaxation when watching TV, enjoying movies, or viewing photos. When used with the Compact 6 HD Speech, you can even enjoy hands-free text-to-speech! Just take a snapshot and listen as the Compact 6 HD Speech does the work.


To start using the Compact 6 HD Wear, simply lock the Compact 6 HD Speech or Compact 6 HD into the Wear, and put it on your head.



The Compact 6 HD Wear magnifies the full screen and brings it close to your eyes. It provides the equivalent of an 18” screen at a 25 cm distance from your eyes and ensures comfortable viewing and minimal eye strain. Thanks to the full screen projection in both eyes, you will enjoy sharp images and panoramic views. You can even open the side covers for more peripheral vision, so you know what’s going on around you.



– Offers magnification when used with Compact 6 HD
– Offers magnification and Speech when used with Compact 6 HD Speech
– Same image for both eyes: ideal for people with a limited field of view
– Large, panoramic field of view: horizontally 90⁰ and vertically 50⁰ per lens
– Can be worn with prescription glasses
– Foldable design for storage and carrying
– Access to touch screen to control the Compact 6 HD
– Option to cover the bottom for additional brightness and contrast
– Option to open the side covers for peripheral sight and increased situational awareness
– 18” screen at 25 cm / 10” distance projection (additional 6x magnification)
– Two prismatic, aspherical lenses
– Dimensions when folded: 200 x 100 x 50 mm / 7.9 x 3.9 x 2 inches
– Weight without Compact 6 HD: 230 grams /8.11 ounces


The Wear accessory can be folded when not in use or you need to transport it. Together with the Compact 6HD they offer a highly portable solution ideal for group activities such as a sewing group, cards and other social activities as well as for individual activities such as shopping.



The Compact 6 HD joins other portable solutions from Optelec, including the Compact 7HD and the Traveller. If you need a portable magnification solution give us a call, and our Low Vision Consultants will help you choose a model that works best for your individual needs.


Important: The Compact 6 HD Wear is not a mobility aid and should never be used for any mobility or navigation activities, such as driving or walking.


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