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Ex-Demonstration Stock

Don't miss our sale of products for people who are blind. Please click to see the flyer in DOCX and PDF.

All of our ex-demonstration products have been tested. Freight and handling charges are not included in the prices below.

If you would like more information on any of these products, please email us at info@quantumrlv.com.au.

Product Product Category Product Information Location Price
Clear Note+   Limited warranty Australia Now $2,000 Enquiry Now
Looky Hand held Magnifier  Limited warranty Australia Now $200 Enquiry Now
Alva BC 640 Base   Excellent condition Warranty: 3 months Australia Now $4,500 Enquiry Now
Maxlupe Portable CCTV Limited warranty Australia Now $1,150 Enquiry Now
 Braille Pen 12   Limited warranty Australia Now $350 Enquiry Now
 Easylink 12 Keyboard    Limited warranty Australia Now $1,150 Enquiry Now
iDex PC Reading and Distance Camera  Limited warranty Australia Now $2,000 Enquiry Now
This page was last updated on February 2015.

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