MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD
MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD
MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD
MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD
MagniLink Zip Premium Full HD

MagniLink ZIP Premium Full HD 17"

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The MagniLink ZIP - the Award-Winning, true, portable electronic magnifier with great image quality.

MagniLink ZIP 17 FHD is a true, portable electronic magnifier with a Full HD 1080p reading and distance camera as well as a low-vision adapted 17.3” monitor. It has all the functions offered in a desktop video magnifier, but can be folded and carried to another location easily in its own carry case.

The camera also provides a Mirror mode, ideal for makeup and similar. This is a good choice for users that read frequently and sometimes need to move their magnifier between different locations, for example in different classrooms, home and work, hotel, summer house, etc.

The stylish, space-saving design makes MagniLink ZIP easily placed in homes, schools, and workplaces. An incorporated X/Y reading table with friction brakes allows smooth and convenient reading.

Top features and benefits:

1.Great image quality

Full HD 1080p camera along with multiple optical and software related techniques that result in the most amazing picture ever in an electronic magnifier.

2.Foldable and portable – yet a full functioning electronic magnifier

Unlike many other foldable electronic magnifiers, this is a true portable CCTV that offers functions found in larger devices.


Fully integrated and designed to look and feel good. The design has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award.

4.Easy to use

Intuitive control panel with both rotating knobs and buttons to make it admirably easy to manoeuvre – yet it offers an advanced mode for advanced users.

5.Low-vision adapted monitor

The MagniLink ZIP monitor provides brightly coloured screen edges, anti-glare surface, crystal-clear sharpness, high contrast, and a dimmer for light-sensitive users.

6.Market-leading reading table

The MagniLink ZIP X/Y table is thinner than ever, yet it offers good image stability and quality and includes friction brakes.


7.Clever distance viewing with mirror mode

Built-in, yet rotatable distance camera for maximum comfort and manual focus for full control. A Mirror mode, useful for makeup, etc, is also included as standard.


Size: folded 440 x 470 x 120 mm / in use 440 x 470 x 560 mm

Weight: 6.8kgs

Magnification range: 1.4X – 45X