ZoomText Mac update (1.1.1)

We are pleased to announce a free ZoomText Mac update (1.1.1) which includes a brand new feature called ZoomText News!


ZoomText News is a great way to stay informed with the latest product news, special offers, and any other communications from Ai Squared. A friendly alert window will automatically display news stories when you start ZoomText, or if you’re currently running ZoomText while a story is posted, a notification will pop up on screen.


Update today!

Since you already own ZoomText Mac, this is a FREE update! The next time you start up ZoomText, you will be alerted that there’s an update available (1.1.1). If it doesn’t alert you to install it automatically, you can always download it from the updates page. You can also check out the release notes for complete details – there are a few other fixes included as well.


Watch the video

To learn more about ZoomText News, watch the video right here by clicking on the image below, or go onto YouTube and watch it there:


If you have any questions at all, just call or mail Quantum and we will be happy to help you.