WYNN V7 Is Released!

WYNN’s unique features and benefits were created with input from educators, researchers, and individuals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. WYNN was designed to be useful for all users, and the new Version 7 really excels at supporting the needs of learning disabled and struggling students.

WYNN 7 has the following exciting new features:

  • PAL Literacy Toolkit: tools to help students work with all text and particularly content-area text
  • PREPARE cognitive process: well-researched learning strategy that supports the educational process, including reading, comprehending, note-taking, and writing
  • Notecards and Writing Templates: support writing to meet common literacy standards
  • Updated user interface: new toolbar button design provides an additional option for users; legacy toolbar buttons for those more comfortable with WYNN’s traditional design
  • Additional toolbar buttons for Save to MP3 and other most requested features: some of WYNN’s more popular features, including Save to MP3, Book Search, and Send to Word, now have their own toolbar buttons
  • Enhanced network install capabilities: WYNN’s network installation, including silent install, has been updated and enhanced for easier deployment in busy school districts
  • Plus many more new features.

WYNN continues to maintain its other unique differentiators for the benefit of all of our users, such as its clean, clear user interface, Web Browsing features, NavBar for managing open documents, and visual customisation. As always, WYNN uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to enhance success.

WYNN screen shotWYNN’s new Notecard feature will be of use to all students, enabling them to rephrase and rewrite text into notecards, and help organize and study information.

Other New User Features

  • Include source citation in extracted documents. Any time you extract highlights or bookmarks to a document, WYNN now includes the name of the source document, or URL of the Web page, for that extracted text. This allows you to keep track of your sources for later use in citations.
  • Extract and convert highlights to outline. In addition to WYNN’s ongoing ability to extract highlights to a new document, you can now extract highlights to an outline.
  • Extract and convert bookmarks to outline. You have the same choices for extracting bookmarks as highlights: by colour, or in document order.
  • Save Voice Notes to MP3. You have always been able to create Voice Notes in WYNN documents. Now you can save these notes to an MP3 file for studying later.
  • Add two additional highlight colours. WYNN 7 now has five highlight colours. Lavender and orange were added to the existing blue, green, and magenta colours.