Windows Versus Apple

There is much discussion in education about which platform is best.  While both have their advantages and disadvantages it can be a good starting point to look at the statistics on the main operating systems used around the world. The figures below show that Microsoft operating systems account for 90% of installed users world wide as at September 2011. (The figures in brackets are the percentages from September 2010)*

Windows XP   40% (54%)

Windows 7    39% (21%)

Vista     11% (17%)

Mac     6.8% (5.9%)

Linux    0.8% (0.8%)

Apple clearly wins the marketing war as most people believe Apple penetration is much higher than this. However Microsoft still is the dominant operating system used world wide.

For students who are going on to higher education and employment it is critical they come out of school with the skills and experiences they can use in the wider world.