“Why are these products so expensive?”

This is a question we get asked by many people because vision aids by and large are relatively expensive items. And for many people they are out of reach.


One of the main reasons for the cost is that this is a small and specialised field with relatively small numbers of users. The costs of product development are much the same for a product that might sell many millions or one that will only ever sell a few thousand. So prices of vision aids tend to be expensive till those development costs are paid off and then prices do fall.


The second reason is the level of service provided. To have services delivered in your home, from assessment, demonstration and trialling of the vision aid that best suits your needs comes at a cost. There are now cheaper alternatives such as shopping on-line at places like www.MyLowVisionShop.com.au if you don’t need that level of service. In our experience people mostly still really prefer to have a high level of service, so that they have the time and individual attention to ensure that they get the right vision aid to meet their needs. Last year our Low Vision Consultants travelled over 250,000 kms visiting people in their homes around Australia.


For people who really can’t afford vision aids there are now an increasing number of options becoming available.


If you are under 65 years of age, the National Disability Insurance Scheme can fund vision aids. If you are over 65 years of age there are an increasing number of options for financial support under the Federal MyAgedCare Program. Additionally some private health funds are starting to offer rebates for vision aids. If you need more information on any of these programs please talk to one of our Low Vision Consultants.


If you are thinking of purchasing a vision aid also consider how long it will provide benefits to you. If a product is going to last for say 10 years, then your cost to be able to read may only be $300 – $500 per year. Overwhelmingly our clients tell us that they don’t regret having purchased an electronic vision aid. They truly can change your life.


“Last year you met with my mother Shirley and organised for her a magnifying machine. This has been transformative for her, improving her independence and thus her quality of life. As a result she has become very dependent on the machine and your work in helping her access this equipment has been greatly appreciated.”

Paul, Sydney


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