What’s New with ZoomText Screen Magnification!

ZoomText boxesWith the release of Version 10, ZoomText is now offering integrated support for HD webcams as CCTVs, recording text to audio, background reading, and new standards in web navigation. Additionally, the new ZoomText Mac brings the power of ZoomText to the Macintosh platform.

Here are some of the new features of ZoomText 10 Magnifier:

  • ZoomText Camera. The new ZoomText Camera feature allows you to use any high-definition (HD) webcam to view and magnify printed items and other objects right on your computer screen.
  • ZoomText’s Enhanced Web Finder allows you to search webpages for specific words or phrases, or skim through pages to find items of interest.
  • Full Windows Logon Support (now available in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP).
  • Flexible Magnification. Full range of magnification levels up to 36x.
  • Powerful Zoom Windows. Eight different zoom windows allow you to choose which part of the screen is magnified.
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Enhanced Screen Colors
  • Visible Pointers and Cursors
  • Focus Enhancements. Makes it easy to locate and follow the control focus when you navigate through application menus, dialogs and other application controls.
  • Smooth Navigation
  • Desktop Finder
  • Text Finder helps you locate words, phrases and topics of interest.
  • Application Settings. Save unique settings for each application that you use.

MP3 player with headphonesZoomText 10 Magnifier/Reader includes all the features of ZoomText Magnifier, plus:

  • The ZoomText Recorder allows you to turn text from documents, webpages, email, etc. into audio recordings that you can transfer to your mobile device
  • ZoomText Background Reader allows you to listen to documents, webpages, email, etc. while you simultaneously perform other tasks.
  • ‘NeoSpeech’ Synthesiser Voices
  • Complete Screen Reading. ZoomText automatically speaks program controls, including menus, dialogs, list views and messages.
  • Automatic Document Reading. ZoomText’s AppReader automatically reads documents, web pages and email within the parent application. ZoomText’s DocReader reads documents in a special environment where text is wrapped and reformatted for easier viewing.
  • Reading Zones allow you to instantly see and hear selected locations in your applications. Define up to 10 zones per application that you can trigger via pop-up menu or keyboard commands.
  • Full Internet Accessibility. ZoomText reads any web page, in the proper reading order. You can read automatically or manually navigate by word, line, sentence and paragraph.
  • Text Navigation. Navigation keys make it easy to read while creating and editing documents. With simple commands you can read by character, word, line, sentence and paragraph, even while selecting text.
  • Typing Echo. Each key or word that you type is automatically spoken. You can choose to have all keys spoken or only selected groups of keys.
  • Mouse Echo. Mouse echo automatically reads text that you point to.
  • SpeakIt Tool allows you to read selected areas of the screen by clicking or dragging the mouse.