What’s New with MAGic Screen Magnification!

MAGic is the magnification software from Freedom Scientific. Of great importance in education is the seamless transition between MAGic and JAWS, with total compatibility and shared commands and resources. This is particularly important for students with a degenerative eye disease, but it also greatly reduces the administrative and management overheads.

Here are some exciting new features of V12.

  • All New User Interface. This new design makes it easier to quickly find and use the enhancements that you want without having to navigate through numerous menus.
  • HD Text Smoothing provides the clearest and sharpest magnification of text and images on your screen
  • HD Mouse Pointer. With the new High-Definition mouse pointer styles, you can further customize your mouse pointer for improved visual recognition
  • Mouse Enhancements ImprovementsMAGic Speech button
  • Speech on Demand allows you to limit the amount of speaking performed by MAGic
  • All New Mouse, Cursor, and Color Schemes
  • Application Specific Voice Profiles. Voice profiles have been modified to make it very easy to select, create, change, and save voice settings for use with MAGic or specific applications
  • Enhancements for Multi-Monitor Users
  • All New Basic Training for MAGic 12
  • Research It! is a feature that provides quick access to information while also making it easy to return to your primary task
  • Skim Reading lets you quickly browse through long documents by reading the first sentence or first part of each paragraph
  • Layered Keystrokes offer a fast and convenient way to perform actions such as navigating tables, muting speech, starting Research It, or performing screen captures
  • Navigation Quick Keys
  • Quick Settings
  • Multiple Sound Card Support
  • Aria Support
  • Enhanced Citrix and Remote Desktop Support
  • Support for PowerPoint, Thunderbird, Firefox, UTF-8 Files

MAGic ships with the FS Reader Software which is a Daisy Reader software for your PC. Freedom provides extensive training and support documentation that can all be read using FS Reader. Their training resources are exceptional.