“What happens when magnification no longer works for you?”

There is a lot of evidence-based research showing that magnification helps most people with failing eyesight to continue to read and do many activities that they would otherwise struggle with.


However, with degenerative diseases such as Macular Degeneration there may come a time when magnification is no longer useful. For many people that can take a very long time or may never happen. For those that are affected, new strategies and tools are needed.


In the majority of cases this degeneration in vision occurs while people are using magnifiers; anything from a magnifying glass to a video magnifier. Often they have been through an assessment process and interacted with a variety of agencies to get to that point. So when their magnification tool becomes less useful they feel they are at the “end of the road”.


We are meeting an increasing number of people that are simply unaware of what the next steps may be. Next steps include seeking advice from your eye-care specialists, re-assessment of your needs, and making yourself aware of the tools that may help you with even less sight.


Quantum has a wide range of tools that can assist. There are devices that you can sit on your desk and will “read” information to you. These “reading machines” come in many sizes and shapes.


The ClearReader

The ClearReader is deliberately designed to look like an old fashioned radio, so that it is less intimidating for someone who is not used to using technology products. It has a simple “one-button” operation. Simply place your reading material under the camera and press the button and any text on the page will be read to you in an Australian voice.




The Eye-Pal Reader

The Eye-Pal Reader is just as simple to use and is particularly good at reading text on objects such as pill bottles (pictured) or food packaging. To use the Eye-Pal Reader simply place your document on the reading table and it will automatically detect the text and read it out to you.




There are also plenty of other options for having text read out to you. This function can be built into a video magnifier, such as the ClearView Speech, or is available as an add-on to a computer.


Finally there is the exciting new OrCam, wearable reading device that attaches to your glasses. For more information on any of these devices please contact us to speak to your local Low Vision Consultant.