Learning to type when you can’t see the keyboard.


When a child or adult with vision loss first starts to learn the computer keyboard, they have the added burden of having to learn the screen reader or magnifier as well.


TypeAbility is a new typing tutor that works seamlessly with JAWS and MAGic and actually teaches the student about general computer use as they learn the keyboard. The truly outstanding feature of TypeAbility however, is that it is FUN!



TypeAbility consists of guided lessons, games, dictation tasks, and academic quizzes that are designed to teach the use of the keyboard, basic editing, and computer operation. The Eloquence Synthesizer packaged with JAWS is used for speech output, but the program causes the inflection to vary wildly. For example, many sentences, phrases, and words sound as if there is a question mark after them when the punctuation would usually be a comma or period. The program uses the function keys for controls to simplify the interface for those who are new to the computer.


You must press the desired key twice quickly to activate its function in the program. This keeps new users from accidentally activating a function when they are learning the layout of the keyboard. For a full review of TypeAbility follow this link;