The start of a revolution: The C series magnifiers from Optelec

Regular readers of LiveWire Low Vision will know that there are new products regularly arriving, all with significant improvements and new features. However, rarely do we describe them as being revolutionary.


With the arrival of the new C series of ClearView magnifiers from Optelec, we are happy to use the word revolutionary to describe them.


The ClearView C, like all good design, is deceptively simple. The stand that holds the camera and screen is shaped like a ‘C’ and sits to the side of the screen. This small design change has huge implications.

Clearview C desktop magnifier

Clearview C desktop magnifier


Firstly, there is nothing at the back, meaning you can read long documents from the top of the page to the bottom. One of the most common uses of video magnifiers is to read the newspaper, and now you can do that without being an origami expert! Even for regular A4 documents you no longer have to pull the reading table into your stomach when you navigate to the top of the document. This is unique among desktop video magnifiers.

Lady reading a recipe with the Clearview C electronic magnifier

Lady reading a recipe with the Clearview C electronic magnifier



Secondly, the ClearView’s C-shaped design provides you with much more working space underneath the camera. This really helps people who want to continue to do their hobbies, like knitting, embroidery, stamp collecting and a host of other activities that need desk space.


All of the ClearView C series have a simple control panel that is detachable (perfect to get it out of the way when reading a broadsheet newspaper). It can be used in simple mode, for the “one-button” simplicity that has made Optelec famous, and which many non-technical users prefer.

Close up image of Clearview C XY table and controls

Close up image of Clearview C XY table and controls


 The ClearView C series: Leading features at lower prices

Or it can be easily lifted and flipped around to use in an advanced mode, where a wide range of controls are available.

Changing to the advanced controls on the Clearview C

Changing to the advanced controls on the Clearview C


For example, if you have your ClearView C connected to a computer there is a single button switch in the advanced mode to change the display between your computer or your magnified screen.

Graphic of desktop computer


Other features for the advanced user include guidelines to assist with reading, and the ability to change the brightness, colour and contrast settings. These controls are safely out of sight and out of mind for the average user.


The ClearView C series starts with a standard 22” screen, and there is an optional 24” widescreen, which has the sharpest image of any video magnifier on the market. Both screens are adjustable up and down and can tilt forward or back to ensure optimal viewing.


We have saved the best news till last! Starting at just $3735 the ClearView C series represents the best value video magnifiers on the market today. Your choice has just become a whole lot easier!


The ClearView C Speech!


For several years now we have had video magnifiers that also read text out to you. However, there has been a huge difference in how well different models work or how easy they are to operate. Optelec have always had a goal of making solutions that are easy to use, and they achieved that with the ClearView Speech.


They have now up-dated this model to the new ClearView C format. The new ClearView C Speech can instantly convert any printed text into speech. It makes it possible to have access to information in a way that is most comfortable and easy for your individual needs. Especially when you have long texts to read; now you can choose to have them read out to you.

Lady reading a magazine using the Clearview C Speech.

Lady reading a magazine using the Clearview C Speech


To scroll through documents, swipe with your finger on the touch screen and select the text of your interest by simply pointing at a paragraph or word. It is that easy.


The ClearView C Speech displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout. This ensures that you can navigate quickly; you always know where you are and never lose your place.