The OrCam Phenomenon!

In just a few short months OrCam has already made an enormous impact on the lives of many people around Australia.


Many of you attended our series of events around Australia in June and got to hear directly from Leon Paull, Director of International Business for OrCam about their amazing story and how their technology is revolutionising access to the printed word.


These events and subsequent ones are bringing OrCam directly to communities all around Australia. And of course, the result is that people are getting the chance to experience OrCam for themselves. Here is a story of such a person.


Listening to Gabbo the Galah!


Sybil Smith from the Mandurah region south of Perth is a new OrCam user who is happy to tell the world about the difference it has made in her life.


Despite vision loss Sybil has remained active around her home and community. However, her inability to read has been the  major negative  impact on her life. Especially since one of her family members is the children’s author Kim Maslin, who has recently published a book aimed at teaching children about living in the digital age. It is called “The Tweeting Galah” and features Gabbo the Galah and his friends as they navigate their way through the world of social networking, online gaming and digital devices. Using OrCam, Sybil is now able to read all about Gabbo, as well as all other printed text in her home and environment.


Sybil Smith is reading “The Tweeting Galah” book with OrCam


Sybil is now a true advocate and has offered to help others in her community who might want to explore OrCam for themselves. She recommends the free OrCam tutorials and guides on YouTube, which she used to teach herself how to use OrCam, and refers back to them whenever she needs a refresh.

The book can be purchased directly from the author’s website: