The future has arrived!

Introducing OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye image

We are always excited to bring you news about the very latest developments in assistive technology. This is one of the most exciting for many years.


OrCam MyEye is an intuitive wearable device with a smart camera that clips onto a regular spectacle frame. It is designed to assist anyone that struggles to read, recognise faces or objects – particularly people who are blind or vision impaired.

Just 10 years ago this product would have sounded like science fiction. But today it is a reality. We have units to demonstrate and show you how well it works.

Men wearing OrCam MyEye

  • All you have to do is point!

As you point at any printed information the software in OrCam MyEye will recognise the text and read it out to you.

Alternatively you can press a button on the control module to capture a whole page of text. Either way, you get instant access to any printed information in front of you.


  • Read

OrCam MyEye can read printed text, in real time and has a small speaker or the option of listening with small earphones. You can read newspapers and books, signs, labels on consumer products and even text on a computer or smartphone screen. We guarantee you will be surprised at how quickly and accurately it reads.



  • Recognise people

OrCam MyEye  can also recognise faces! Initially you tell OrCam the name of the person in front of you. After that it will recognise each face you have recorded and announce them to you – no more guessing when someone walks into the room. Really helps when socialising and gives you much greater control over your environment.


  • Recognise objects

In a similar way OrCam can be trained to recognise a range of objects. Identify your personal items, consumer products, or even credit cards to make shopping and browsing quicker and easier.


Perfect for use at home and on the go. How long has it been since you could read a menu in a restaurant?


OrCam can always be with you, around the home, shopping or travelling. You will always be able to access printed information wherever you are!


Every OrCam MyEye is supplied with a training package, delivered by our Low Vision Consultants. As you would expect, demand is high so please call us to arrange a time to try OrCam MyEye for yourself.


Debbie S, reading with OrCam MyEye


“Sitting at a restaurant with a friend and using OrCam MyEye meant that we didn’t have to focus on my disability because I was able to read the menu on my own”


– Debbie S, Recent rapid deterioration of vision due to Macular Degeneration.