The Eye-Pal Reading Machine

There are now a number of reading machines available and for many people they have been of great assistance. If you have lost most of your vision, or your eyes get sore from reading you can get a reading machine to do the reading for you.


The Eye-Pal Reader is really easy to use. It will instantly and accurately convert printed text into speech. Simply place the document or object you want to read and the Eye-Pal Reader will automatically detect it and begin to scan and read. You can feel confident reading pill bottles, mail, cans, newspapers, and even thick books.


Eye-Pal Reader


The Eye-Pal Reader is particularly suitable for anyone who is not familiar with using technology. All you have to do is turn it on and place your letter, magazine or whatever it is you want to read on the reading platform and it does the rest for you. There are more advanced controls available if you are comfortable using technology.


The Eye-Pal Reader is lightweight and folds down for easy storage. Ask us for a demonstration.


In addition to the Eye-Pal Reader, the manufacturer, Freedom Scientific also produce another very popular reading machine, the Eye-Pal Ace.


Eye-Pal Ace


The Eye-Pal Ace, while still small and lightweight, has a screen so you can read along as it reads to you.


Here is what Robert Bland in Queensland thinks of it;


“I am a retired Architect, and cannot recommend highly enough the ACE reading aid I purchased from Quantum. I use the ACE device practically every day to read out loud my every day affairs, but also find it indispensable for my research interests.”


The Eye-Pal Ace is also available for demonstration in your home.