Talk to the Experts: Live Webinars with the experts

Quantum’s “Talk to the Experts” webinar series were conducted in July 2020. These online sessions offered people a chance to hear from, and talk directly to the experts from our different Assistive Technology suppliers from across the globe.


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Webinar 6 –  Claire McGinley from Texthelp presents Read and Write for an inclusive workplace


In this sixth Talk to the Experts webinar, Claire McGinley from

Texthelp, teach how the Read and Write software can empower people to read, write and communicate more confidently in the workplace.

Claire McGinley is Global Channel Manager at Texthelp and is committed to creating truly inclusive environments at work and online, through the use of Texthelp’s accessibility and assistive technologies. She does this by working closely with Texthelp’s channel partners all over the world who help serve a growing network of 20 million users across blue chip companies from public sector to not-for-profit organisations.

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Webinar 5: Eric Vioche from Insidevision presents the insideONE Braille tablet

In this fifth Talk to the Experts webinar, Eric Vioche from Insidevision joined us from France.

Eric Vioche is VP of Sales at Insidevision’s headquarters in France since its foundation in 2014. Before joining the team, Eric worked as a partner and VP of Sales in a product and graphic design company, where he participated in the successful creation of a full range of products for blind people.

Eric presented the new insideONE Braille tablet.

Eric Vioche - picture

insideONE: Tactile Braille Tablet

This touchscreen Braille Windows 10 PC tablet with 32-cell refreshable Braille display is designed for the blind (DeafBlind) and visually impaired people.

insideONE is the very first tactile Windows 10 tablet with a fully integrated, superior quality 32-cell refreshable Braille display.

The proprietary, patented tablet is designed for the blind, but can be used by a wide spectrum of people including sighted people.

insideOne is a full-functioned powerful, mainstream computer which offers unprecedented flexibility and ease of operation. There are no wires to connect separate parts and it’s an ideal size – 8’’ by 11.5’’- to slip into a bag and go.

Users can write choosing Braille or QWERTY keyboards and they can read files on a refreshable Braille display or on the 10-inch HD screen. They can utilize the full power of Windows-10 OS with all its compatible applications or choose insideONE’s proprietary Home environment which hosts a suite of easy to use, intuitive and instantly available applications to take, manage, and share notes.

insideONE is an all new kind of tablet which unites the world of Braille and print. Braille input is instantly displayed on a screen allowing sighted people to have visual access to what was Brailled and anything typed on the screen is available on the refreshable Braille display.

Parents and children, teachers and students, blind and sighted coworkers can collaborate effortlessly.

Every interaction becomes more intuitive, more rapid and more fluid. The sighted and visually impaired can finally share a common space for interaction and collaboration.

Webinar 4: Nitzan Adler, OrCam Product Expert and Jon Wolff, OrCam Regional Director

For the forth webinar in the Talk to the Experts series, we were excited to have the chance to hear from and ask questions of OrCam Product Development Manager Nitzan Adler and Jon Wolff, who presented two Israeli innovations, OrCam Read and OrCam MyEye 2.0. They also gave an update on future product developments.

Nitzan Adler, OrCam Product Expert

Nitzan has extensive hands-on experience in building and managing various projects from the ground-up. In previous roles he was a CEO of a startup accelerator and co-founder of a micro VC fund. Today as a product expert in OrCam, Nitzan manages a small team in the R&D department. They are in charge of various processes through the product chain such as: translations, beta testing, creation of supporting materials (user manuals, release notes etc) and more.

Jon Wolff, OrCam Regional Director
Jon manages OrCam’s business in Australasia, Southeast Asia and Canada. Prior to OrCam, he worked for Apple Inc.

OrCam Read
Newly released OrCam Read brings a novel approach to reading assistance, meticulously designed for people with reading difficulties stemming from mild to moderate vision impairment, reading fatigue, dyslexia, aphasia and those who consume large amounts of text.

close up of OrCam Read device lady reading a book with OrCam Read deviceClose up of OrCam Read device scanning text from a book

It is the first-ever lightweight, handheld device with a highly sophisticated AI-driven smart camera that seamlessly reads text from any printed surface or digital screen. It enables you to enjoy the morning paper, read any book and even read all that appears on your computer or smartphone screen. Read the text that you choose privately, improve your time studying, work more efficiently!

The device is intuitively operated, with just the press of a button. Either listen via the mini speaker on the device or through headphones (wired or Bluetooth). OrCam Read is the most efficient smart pen on the market, with Speed Reading and the only one with Full Page Capture. It is designed for all ages and does not require an internet connection.
OrCam MyEye 2.0
For blind and partially sighted people, an artificial vision device with a lightweight smart camera that instantly reads text aloud – from any surface – and recognizes faces, products, and money notes in real time 
All packed into a tiny device the size of your finger.
lady pointing to OrCam My Eye device on the side of her glassesMan standing at fridge reading philly cheese label with OrCam Read device
OrCam MyEye 2.0 provides increased independence to wearers who can access newspapers, books, restaurant menus, signs, product labels, computer and smartphone screen, with the device’s Instant face recognition improving social situations. Identification of consumer products, colours, bar codes, labels and money notes makes navigating everyday life more manageable. OrCam MyEye 2.0 is the only wearable artificial vision technology that is activated by an intuitive pointing gesture or simply by following the wearer’s gaze – allowing for hands-free use without the need of a smartphone or Wi-Fi.


Webinar 3: Petter Helge from LVI presents powerful low vision solutions

For the third webinar in our “Talk to the Experts” series, we were delighted to have Petter Helge, Marketing and Sales Manager for Low Vision International (LVI), joining us from Sweden.

Petter has been with LVI for 20 years and has extensive experience in Low Vision Technology. He showcased and answered questions on the latest low vision devices from LVI including the MagniLink TAB and MagniLink S that can assist you with your study or work.

Portrait of Petter HelgeClose up f the the MagniLink distance camera connected to a laptopYoung man using the MagnifLink TAB in a class room

The MagniLink TAB combines a video magnifier with a Windows 10 tablet and distance camera, enabling you to read work close up or at a distance such as whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation. It also features OCR or Text-to-speech functionality in combination with all the features you would expect from a regular electronic magnifier. The Windows 10 functionality allows you to access all your usual Windows applications and is compatible with other assistive software such as ZoomText.

The MagniLink S is portable, versatile electronic magnifier that connects to a PC, Mac ormonitor and is ready to use in just a few seconds. It has high quality near and distance viewing and with a PC or Mac can also add text to speech.

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Webinar 2: Vispero & JAWS / Fusion / Pearl

photo of Eric DameryFor the second session in our “Talk to the Experts” online series, we were excited to give you the opportunity to hear directly from Eric Damery, Vice President of Software Product Management at Vispero otherwise known as “Mr Jaws”. Many JAWS users will have met or heard from Eric either from his visits to Australia or through Freedom Scientific’s FScasts. He has been involved with JAWS since the very beginning in 1994 when it was Henter-Joyce and is currently responsible for the product management of JAWS, Fusion and ZoomText.


He joined us from Florida to talk about some new features in JAWS and Fusion as well as some other useful tools available in these software packages such as using with the Pearl camera.

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Webinar 1: Vispero & ElBraille

photo of Jan BloemFor our first session, we were delighted to welcome Jan Bloem, International Sales Manager for Vispero who joined us from the Netherlands. He has been working at Freedom Scientific (part of the Vispero group) for 14 years. He uses JAWS himself and uses the Focus, Pearl and Elbraille and usually is travelling the globe presenting at conferences, workshops and exhibitions.


He presented the new ElBraille 40 ® 5th generation, the latest portable braille computing solution that combines the power of a Windows 10 device with JAWS and the Focus 40 5th generation braille display giving you braille and speech output for all your Windows/Microsoft applications.

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photos of Elbraille device, connected to a Windows 10 computer with JAWS application showing on-screen, and a woman smiling using the Elbraille device.

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