Spotlight on Optelec

Quantum has always had a policy of bringing the very best products from around the world, and having a very wide range to ensure that people end up with the product that is just right for them.


Over the years this has meant we source products from a wide variety of suppliers. However, there has been one supplier that we have always carried and are very happy to continue to do so to this day.


Optelec has its origins in the Netherlands in the early 1980’s. It has grown to be one of the largest and most successful developers of low vision aids in the world. Recently it was acquired by the VFO Group in the USA, a move that will undoubtedly increase its reach and development capabilities.


Optelec has consistently been at the forefront of technological change, and have set the bar for quality, reliability and usability that others have followed.


Optelec’s ClearView range has been the top selling video magnifiers in Australia for nearly three decades, and this is an incredible achievement.  They have never tried to be the cheapest, just competitive, with an emphasis on quality and long life.  Australians see the value in a product that has been engineered to last.


Here is a brief snapshot of the Optelec range. All Optelec products are usually in stock, and are available for demonstrations and home trials. They all have a 2 year in-home warranty.


The ClearView Range

All of the ClearView C range have the unique ‘C’ shaped stand, providing the largest viewing area of any desk top video magnifier on the market.


Portable Video Magnifiers

From the pocket sized Compact HD to the unique Traveller, Optelec


Reading Machines

The ClearReader units are simple to operate and provide very accurate reading.