RealSAM, is a mobile device with an interactive spoken interface that allows users to search and navigate a wide range of media, and have articles read to them. It provides unparalleled access to content – just click the (single) button and speak!


Up-to-date news and information and other online content can be very difficult to access for people with a print disability, and RealSAM successfully breaks down these barriers. RealSAM is also truly portable and can be used on the go, or while doing other tasks.


RealSAM device

RealSAM device


RealSAM can be used anywhere there is a WiFi or mobile network. Currently you can access;

– Newspapers and news feeds

– Podcasts – over 50,000 episodes of more than 1,500 podcasts

– Weather – current weather and forecasts for anywhere around the world

– Location – tells you where you are and points of interest nearby


And there are some exciting new developments in the pipeline which will really open the doors to simple ‘one-button’ access to a huge range of accessible content. Watch this space!


Check out this video of RealSAM in use;