Reading my First Book in 40 Years!

This is an extract of an interview between our Jeff Landers (JL) and his client Glenn Siddins (GS). Glenn received a ClearView C Speech funded through the NSW Enable Scheme. The funding application was made by Vision Australia.


  1. GS. My name is Glen Siddins and I am using a product called the ClearView C Speech, which has helped me a lot in life. Being vision impaired I have a lot of time on my hands and a fair bit of boredom, and this has relieved that. I’ve read a book and I haven’t read a book since I was 26 years old. I’ve finished a book and feel quite proud of myself; thanks to Quantum and Vision Australia.


  1. JL. So Glen, you haven’t read a book since you were 26. Do you mind revealing how old you are now?


  1. GS. Well I’m 66.


Glenn using his ClearView Speech

Glenn using his ClearView Speech


  1. JL So you haven’t read a book in 40 years and you’ve just read a book on Victor Trumper the cricketer. Was that exciting?


  1. GS. Yes it was because he was one of my heroes when I was involved in Blind Cricket, and to read a book about him was very rewarding.


  1. JL. Could you describe to us how you use the ClearView C Speech; do you use the magnifier more than the speech?


  1. GS. I probably use the speech more. I try to read as many pages as I can but when I get too tired I just convert to speech and listen to it. It has been really good.


  1. JL. That is excellent and good to hear that it has stopped you from being bored. Thanks for telling us about your experience with Quantum and the ClearView C Speech.


  1. GS. And thanks to you, Quantum and Vision Australia.