Read Any Printed Document on Your Smart Phone!

VoiceEye Maker is an exciting new option for creating documents that are accessible by everyone. VoiceEye Maker consists of software, an App and your own smart device (phone or tablet).


The VoiceEye Maker software is an add-in to Microsoft WORD or Adobe In-Design that will enable anyone to produce a unique QR code that can be printed onto any page in any WORD or PDF document. This code is very different from the regular QR codes that we increasingly see on products, advertisements and billboards. A regular QR code can store around 7500 characters of information. The VoiceEye Maker QR code can store 250,000 characters.


This means that as you write your document all the words are captured in the QR code.


The VoiceEye Maker App can be downloaded from the Apple or Android stores to your smartphone or tablet. It is a free App and can be installed on all of your devices.


The VoiceEye Maker App can scan the QR code on your document and capture all of the text. You then have the options of;

– Enlarging the text to any size

– Having the text read out to you

– Displaying the text in high contrast colours of your choice.

– Translating the text into the language of your choice.


VoiceEye Maker is simple to implement, cost effective and requires minimal specialist accessibility skills.