Quantum Webinars

Quantum Webinars


Webinars are the fastest growing media platform for training and professional development in Australia. Quantum has already held a number of Webinars with participants from around Australia and New Zealand. The following is a list of up-coming events that you are invited to.




Wed 21st May EasyConverter: produce documents in alternate format in a few easy steps
Wed 4th June Software Solutions for people with Dyslexia
Wed 25th June Mountbatten and iPad connectivity
Wed 16th July Introduction to the internet using JAWS
Wed 30th July Stand alone scanning and reading solutions
Wed 6th August Tactile imaging
Wed 21st August MAGic screen reader
Wed 4th September Introduction to braille displays
Wed 17th September Duxbury Basics


We have also held a number of private webinars for organisations or groups of teachers who have asked for specific training sessions or seminars on product areas. These have proven to be very effective for groups that are widely dispersed and only physically get together rarely, such as itinerant teachers.


We can tailor sessions at a time of your choosing and can develop highly customised training opportunities to meet your particular needs. If you want further information on this drop a note to Rebecca Clark at info@quantumrlv.com.au


Some of our Webinars are recorded and can be viewed later such as this one on teaching keyboarding skills using TypeAbility on YouTube http://youtu.be/g717WBbYZIQ



Meet the Trainers


The reason our Webinars have been so successful is due to the quality of our trainers!

Here they are:



Picture of Trevor Boyd (aka St Trev!)

Trevor Boyd (aka St Trev!) has worked in the VI field for over 25 years including 17 years in Victoria with Quantum.



Photo of Rebecca Clark

Rebecca Clark organises, manages and also presents our Webinars! Despite the English accent she is now a bona fide Aussie!



Peter Cracknell (aka Crackers)

Peter Cracknell (aka Crackers) has worked in AT in Australia and the UK for over 20 years including 12 years in Queensland with Quantum.



Rob Drummond's photo

Rob Drummond first started working in Low Vision in the 1980’s (but he’s really not that old) and is one of the owners and Directors of Quantum.



Danny Keogh (pictured) is one of Australia's leading Jaws Trainers.

Danny Keogh has just notched up 10 years with Quantum and is recognised as a leading trainer in blindness products.