Quantum Webinars

Webinars are the fastest growing media platform for training and professional development in Australia. Quantum has already held a number of Webinars with participants from around Australia and New Zealand.


If you have missed out on a webinar we are starting to post these onto YouTube so you can follow along at a later date. The link to our YouTube Channel is;



We have also held a number of private webinars for organisations or groups of who have asked for specific training sessions or seminars on product areas. These have proven to be very effective for groups that are widely dispersed and only physically get together rarely, such as itinerant teachers, or members of a government department that are geographically dispersed.


Subject areas include:


Awareness seminars: These cover a particular subject area from a general perspective and are designed to keep people current with the latest trends.


Products seminars: These provide an in-depth look at a particular product or product group, including applications and user prespectives.


Training seminars: These typically provide hands on training, and are best suited to small group or individual training.


We can tailor sessions at a time of your choosing and can develop highly customised training opportunities to meet your particular needs. If you want further information on this drop a note to Rebecca Clark at info@quantumrlv.com.au