Quantum RLV wins ATSA Best New Product Award

Quantum Reading Learning Vision has taken out this year’s ATSA Independent Living Expo’s Best New Product Award with the OrCam My Eye 2.0.

Speaking to Freedom2Live following the announcement, Quantum RLV sales director Rob Drummond said winning the award is a testimony to what a unique product the OrCam My Eye 2.0 is.

“It’s just wonderful, ” he said. “We haven’t won an award for one of our products for a few years now so it is exciting to win this award. The Orcam My Eye 2.0 is so unique; there are no other products out there that can be integrated so easily and readily into a normal lifestyle.”

Introduced to the market in February this year, the OrCam My Eye 2.0 is an artificial vision device with a lightweight smart camera that instantly reads text aloud – from any surface – and recognises faces, products, and money in real time. The device has been designed for anyone of any age who is blind, has low vision, or struggles to read for any reason including dyslexia, stroke victims, acquired brain injury and many other conditions.

This year was the first year the ATSA Independent Living Expo ran the Best New Product Award across the two shows. ATSA executive officer David Sinclair said the award was highly contested.

Allison Miller, Interpoint events (left) and David Sinclair ( ATSA) award a trophy to Olga Berkovsky and Rob Drummond (Quantum RLV)

“The OrCam My Eye 2.0 was one of six finalists from 40 entries in the running to win the Best New Product Award. EyeMobile Plus from Link Assistive and LiNX Electronics from Invacare were the two runners up for the award,” he said.

For more information about the OrCam MyEye 2.0, visit www.orcam.com/gb/myeye2