Quantum Events in 2017

Please come and join us at any of the events listed below.



3 August

8 August

9 August

14 August

18-20 August

21 August

24 August

26 August

28 August

Tech Fest 2017- RSB,  Charlestown, NSW

VAMS (Guide Dogs)- Townsville, QLD

VAMS (Guide Dogs)- Toowoomba, QLD

Guide Dogs Expo- Cairns, QLD

Celebrating Albinism – Melbourne, Vic

Seniors Expo Day –  Beenleigh, QLD

Launch of the OrCam MyEye –  Bairnsdale VIC

Ability Links Expo- Tamworth, NSW

VAMS (Guide Dogs)- Bundaberg, QLD



2 September

7-8 September

5 September

12 September

13 September

14 September

14 September

21 September

Live your Life Expo –Diabetes NSW/ACT- Canberra

VISCON Conference- RIDBC North Rocks, NSW

VAMS (Guide Dogs)- Bald Hills, QLD

VAMS (Guide Dogs)- Townsville, QLD

Launch of the OrCam MyEyeTownsville, QLD

Launch of the OrCam MyEyeCairns, QLD

Tamworth Disability Expo- Tamworth, NSW

Tech Savvy Senior’s Expo-   Ipswich Libraries, QLD



4 October

10 October

17 October

Launch of the OrCam MyEyeHervey Bay, QLD

VAMS (Guide Dogs)- Townsville, QLD

Public talk with the MDFA –  Armidale , NSW



6 – 11 November

14 November

16 November

28 November

Freedom Scientific (VFO) National Roadshow.

VAMS (Guide Dogs)- Townsville, QLD

Open Day – Clearance Sale –Thornleigh, NSW

VAMS (Guide Dogs)- Sunshine Coast, QLD



1 December

4 December

12 December

Launch of the OrCam MyEye –  Warrnambool, Vic

Launch of the OrCam MyEye – Hamilton, Vic

VAMS (Guide Dogs) – Townsville, QLD


* (VAMS is a low vision clinic), *(QRLV – Quantum Reading Learning Vision)

* (MDFA – Macular Disease Foundation Australia)