Portable Options for Education

At all levels of education there is a need for increased portability. Even in primary school where traditionally a student always sat at the same desk, there are now different activities and learning areas within the classroom, requiring magnification options that move with the student.


There are very small options like the MiniMax which is truly pocket sized and can be always ready for limited reading tasks and ‘spot reading’, such as looking at noticeboards, signs and environmental information, navigating libraries, or even just sorting out what is in your bag.



MIniMax- pocket sized magnifier



Additionally there are hand-held magnifiers that provide a larger screen and can be used for longer reading activities. Devices such as the Compact 4HD (4.3 inch screen) pictured below and the Compact 5HD (5 inch screen) rest on the paper and don’t have to be held above the text being read. They also offer a large magnification range (4HD is 1.7X to 12X and the 5HD is 1.5X to 18X). This means that the one device is suitable for a wide range of reading tasks.



Compact 4 HD - use with or without stand



Larger options again such as the Compact 7HD (pictured below) are able to be used by some students for extended reading activities, and can be considered a half-way point between the traditional desk CCTV and portable hand held options.

Compact 7 HD


With a magnification range up to 24X (starting at 2X) it provides a great deal of flexibility in a package that is easily carried around (in a smart leather protective case).



Compact 7 HD - zoom in


Other portable options are the PC-connectable camera options that enable near viewing (reading what is on the students’ desk) and far-viewing (reading what is on the whiteboard, or viewing an activity at the front of the class).


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